Happy Holidays to All, with a Little Granholm Magic.

HAPPY HOLIDAYS, everyone! I'll be venturing the long Amtrak-ish trek back for the holidays myself, so I wanted to share a little moment of happiness.

Isn't that the most adorable photo ever? It's Governor JENNIFER GRANHOLM with first husband DAN MULHERN on the eve of the 2006 election. It's just an electrifying photo, and makes me smile every time!
The photo (hence the PROOF) is from The Granholm Express Bus Tour, and you can visit the gallery and order original prints from the photographer.*

*Sorry to borrow! It was just such a great photo, I had to use it. I don't want to step on copyrights, so I've linked the original site and photographer. Check it out, and look for yourself if you happened to be at some of the events!

The campaign was such a difficult one: we were up against Dick DeVos of the Amway Corporation and his infinite resources. We had to endure "fire the Governor!" and the negative, noir-style ads that screamed: "Michigan: You're Losers!" But our hope in a 21st-century Michigan endured.

Here was a little ditty JG wrote as a 2006 retrospective:
"We continued our efforts to both put people first, to put them to work, and to invest in them. Michigan citizens understand that we are a state in transition and this year they clearly said they want leadership that invests in people, leadership that creates opportunity. My comprehensive economic plan, which continued to drive the state's agenda this year, provides that investment and that opportunity." - Governor Jennifer M. Granholm, December 21, 2006

That's right! And be sure to check out the Gov's inaugural events for January. Show her some love! Don't let the political fires die just because Nov 7 has come and gone.

All the best to you and yours! Safe travels!

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