Excuses for My Absence

Since my biggest fans keep telling me that the tumbleweeds are breezing through MI Amore!, I thought I would inform everyone: yes, I am still alive. Being a full-time student/full-time employee/full-time stressin' mess really kills the internal willpower to have a daily bloggin' partay.

But I'm back, and ready to rock the world with my (arguably... very arguably) insightful commentary. Because Lansing is still the most awesome place on the planet.

I don't have a doctor's note for my absence, but I do have sincere apologies. I'm not going anywhere: Michigan needs me!


Hector said...

i hope that you can write again!

Scout said...

Gosh...wipe away the dust bunnies from under your keyboard and get busy! The Governor just turned up the burners here in Michigan, and I expect to hear that you're roasting Republican idiocracy over the open flame. You have been missed.

PS...at least your Mom thinks you're cool! ;)