My mom is SO Courtney Cox in the Bruce Springsteen Video.

Today Mi Mama saw JG herself at Sparrow Hospital in downtown Lansing, following up on her State of the State regarding educational policy.

Of course, being the dynamic diva she is, my mother had to go visit our own Gov. I mean, it's Granholm! A PR woman from the Rossman Group pushed her toward the Gov, and after a quick Quake shout-out, JG gave Mi Mama a super-hug and chatted for a bit. Infectious! Fabulous! A true woman of the people!

Funny thing is, Tom George spoke after Granholm to give the Republican POV. As with the crummy YouTube clip, no one bought it and the crowd dispersed! Ha!

Republicans, you're in for some stormy weather. No hot, middle-aged women want to give Tom George a hug. No sir-ee.

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Old Dood said...

I would have given the Governor a hug too. Yes Quaker's Mom was excited about it. It was a real hug...not a political one.

That is the differnece with our Governor Granholm over previous governors of Michigan...

...she is the real deal!