Tom George is So Creepy.

Yesterday in the State of the State, Gov. Granholm spoke to the true nature of being a citizen: investing in human capital. Investing in our quality of life. Investing in our fellow man. You can't put a price on the quality of our beautiful state, no matter how appealing that extra $100 may sound to put toward a Kelly Clarkson concert ticket. Nirmal has the transcript. Cat points to the best part. LiberalLucy brings out the heart. So I'm left with talking about the... republicans.

After the DY-NO-MITE address from the diva herself, what titan would the Republicans pull out to attack such a magnificant, uplifting, and timely speech? No, not Tim Skubick, though I'm sure he'll give it the ol' college try this Friday. It's TOM GEORGE M.D., R-Kalamazoo.

Tom George is so creepy. From the big eyes, to the placard-reading voice, to the homospiciou-- nah, I won't go there. CREE-PY.

I mean, like, really. No, really. Like, no.

Tom George asserts us the Republicans have the "best plan" to replace the Single Business Tax. You know, that tax they unnecessarily aborted? Good thing you have a saucy M.D. after your name, Senator -- if those dirty "public" Universities get their funds cut, we won't have many students going through the U of M for the same end.

But now that people decide that having a police force and good universities is a good thing now we're ready to offer the "best plan" for Michigan! You sure are ready to "act now," eh Georgie? Because, he says, the Republicans are ready to "act now" -- just like they were ready to "act now" to blow $2 BILLION dollars into our state budget all in the name of glory glory 2006 Gubernatorial candidate Dick DeVos.

And, rest assured, the Republicans are ready to cut "unnecessary government spending." Even as Gov. Granholm is operating with 30% less revenue than Gov. Engler in 1999. I hope the Republicans will "ACT NOW," cut taxes, and alter the "Welcome to Michigan: The Great Lakes State" signs with "Welcome to Michigan: Everything Under $1, or Your Money Back! Watch for the Potholes!"

But what really made it so magical was the brilliant peace of political posturing that is: "[Senate Republicans will work in] the spirit of cooperation and partnership." Yeah. Call me "Debbie Downer" but I'll beieve that as soon as my boyfriend and I can rent out Tom George's house as our own personal gay Bed & Breakfast. Partnership? Cooperation? Of course. I guess miracles can happen: after all, gay prostitute and crystal meth enthusiast Rev. Ted Haggard was "cured" of his homosexuality after 3 weeks of rehab. So why can't Republicans turn the other cheek?

No way, Jose. I'm not buying what you're selling. You made your bed with 50% cotton 50% polyester sheets, now lie in it. Invest in our citizens, or invest in your bottom line. Invest in our education, or get that tax credit to send your three darling children to the best private schools money can buy. Invest in 21st century technologies, invest in our roads, invest in our boys in blue and red, or get the hell out.

We don't need any naysayers with your fork-tongued double speak on "cooperation" or "partnership." You wanted to blow $2billion in the state budget, you wanted to cut government, you wanted to cut services, and you got it. No more. Gravy train's over. So take your grossly green-screened scarlet red background and your cuecards to somewhere where people will lick it up like a box of krispy cremes.

It's time to fix the mess you started. It's a new day and a new Michigan. We're going to tighten our belts and pull through. Time for "Senate Republicans" to do the same, or wait for the swift kick in the butt come 2008.

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OldDood said...

Did this guy vote against Same Sex Marraiges?

From the sound of his "Voice" I would think he would be in favor of them. But, then again the Reverend in Colorado was against Same Sex Marriages too....and he even had Same Sex. He lied about it at first...but, he ended up admitting it.

So with the sound of Tom George's "voice" I would think he would be in aggreement with Same Sex marriages...But, then again....