Further Proof that JG Rocks It, Inner-City Style

The Michigan State Police may have a shiny new headquarters in downtown Lansing -- on Grand and Kalamazoo to be exact. The same spot of triangle-shaped property Engler had wanted to develop on.

But thank you, Gov. Granholm for investing in our cities:

Meanwhile, DMB [Department of Management and Budget] officials feel the triangle property, now a parking lot alongside the Michigan Department of Human Services Building, would fall in line with Gov. Jennifer Granholm’s executive directive to move all state buildings into urban centers whenever possible.

Of course, the project has been -- and may continue to be -- mucked up by Republican politics. Oh, and of course, there's the why-can't-we-build-with-Eyde jab. I'm so sick of Eyde whining on about bids. As if that family hasn't time-stamped all of Metro Lansing up and down forever and always enough.

Kyle Melinn has the low-down on the Lansing City Pulse. Man I love that paper.

For a flip side of the coin regarding inner-city development via the "Jobs Today, Jobs Tomorrow" plan (which the paper snidely headlines "Jobs Today, Jobs Anywhere"), the City Pulse has a fantastic article that's worth a read.

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