Proposal 2's -- Past and Present.

As the Michigan Universities chug along with the legal challenges to the Affirmative Action ban, here's a little bit of restrospect.

From the University of Michigan:

Proposal 2 Next Steps -- 1/10/07:

The University of Michigan is a national leader in diversity and we remain fully committed to building a campus made up of individuals of varied backgrounds and perspectives. Our diversity improves the quality of our teaching and learning, our scholarship and our creative endeavors. Although Proposal 2 removes some tools available to public institutions, we can still seek diversity in our student body, staff and faculty.

Benefits For Same-Sex Domestic Partners -- 3/22/05:

As a University, we believe deeply that all members of our community should be respected and valued, and that discrimination based upon any form of prejudice is wrong. We have worked over the years to live up to these values and to nurture an environment that is safe, welcoming and inclusive for all who choose to join our community. We will vigorously defend our ability to offer these benefits; and, we will continue to pay attention to issues that may affect the environment we have worked so hard to create.

At the end of the day, we're not so different, neh?

Gotta give it up to President Coleman. Man alive, it's one battle after the other. Give the woman credit where credit is due. Although I officially decree Proposal 2 to hereafter be cursed.

But one thing we need to take from this little reminisce and gripping reality is that we are all in this boat together. Don't forget that.

... And I think I'm done blogging for the day. ;)

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