When Angry Republican Staffers Attack the Blogosphere!

With winning statements like this...

Some states are considering actions that would go beyond the boundaries of Medicaid. As noted above, a Michigan bill would require a prescription for all sales of emergency contraceptives. HB 5311 was introduced in 2006, and its chief sponsor, Rep. John Stahl, hopes to advance the measure in 2007, said Jamie Hope, Stahl’s staffer. The representative’s biggest concern is that pedophiles will obtain the drug OTC and give it to underage girls in order to prevent their becoming pregnant, she said. “It’s going to give predators another avenue to carry out their crimes,” she said. “We’re just trying to protect our women and children.”

Source: http://www.ncsl.org/programs/health/shn/2006/sn476b.htm

... it's good to know that there are very sensible staffers to speak for very sensible policies. And by the italicized sensible, I don't mean Mr. Webster's plain-jane definition. I mean the exact opposite.

Jamie Hope. Staffer to Republican MI-House Representative John Stahl of North Branch (Lapeer County). She's such a champ -- if emergency contraception doesn't require a prescription, then predators will molest more girls! Man, she must have just been spinning in her heels over that flawless pearl.

But Jamie Hope doesn't just have an axe to grind with her archnemeses logic and reason: she has a new enemy! The Michigan Blogosphere.

LiberalLucy has a bit of Ms. Hope's comments to share with the world. Comments the staffer left on work time from a government building. Rep. Stahl -- it's all about the company you keep, neh?

Get over to LLP and read the low-down. It's the latest gem of the week! I'll give it Ruby status. A rosy red ruby for rosy, red, republican antics.


Scout said...

Ruby!!...you are MUCH too kind to link the gorgeous gem to this small-time blowhard. I would rate her as a nasty little gallstone...completely backed up with bile!

quaker21 said...

The story. The story. Not the person. ;P