GM -- Back on the Electric Track?

UPDATE: The Detroit Free Press also covers the new Chevy Volt, and jokes with filmmaker Chris Paine of Who Killed the Electric Car? fame.

Hat tip to Zach at Pohlitics for this one.

GM's long-lost EV1. Image courtesy of GM's old, old, old 2001 EV1 web site.

Via The Washington Post, it looks like GM is trying to re-gain its lead on hybrid and electric car markets.

A couple of months ago, I was introduced to a great, direct-to-sales documentary called Who Killed the Electric Car? I talked about it on MichiganLiberal, but to re-cap:

In the 1990s, GM was at the forefront of the electric vehicle: a car that emitted no exhaust and relied exclusively on battery power and electricity.

These cars were manufactured right here in Lansing, MI, until GM pulled the plug on the vehicle and recalled all existing EV1s that were exclusively in the hands of leasers. Why? They decided to instead focus on the emerging SUV market -- a market supported by massive tax breaks from the Federal government.

Will round two show GM able to trounce Toyota in the 21st century automotive race? Will they commit to low/zero-emission vehicles? Or will Congressional Democrats be forced follow through on increased CAFE (fuel economy) standards and leave GM flat on its back?

We'll see. I'm hoping for the best. That EV1 sure looked sexy.

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