Skubick the Vampire can't wait to sink his teeth into Granholm over possible revenue increase.

Good Lord, Tim Skubick is still a loser. In the latest Off the Record, Skoob tries to nail Granholm between the eyes (from the comfort of his ivory tower of course) about her bi-partisan budget panel. "THE DECK IS STACKED!!!" "WHERE'S THE OVERSIGHT!?!?" "WHY AREN'T BUSINESS LEADERS THERE?!?!"

Heaven forbid the Governor might want to shut the doors for some time to think. After all, the Republican legislature shut the doors in her face and didn't think when they decided it would be a fun stunt to kill the SBT and get us in this mess in the first place.

Thankfully, the panel -- Dawson Bell, Kathy Barks Hoffman, and Bill Ballenger -- weren't buying (most) of Skubick's omnipresent Granholm bash-fest.

And Barks Hoffman came back and hit Timmeh square between the eyes with her own little gem:

Skubick: "Well here's her -- here's [Granholm's] problem: let's assume that she goes there to raise the tax. And she goes on the road to sell it. Where is the smoking gun? When she says to the electorate 'We cut three billion dollars from the budget already. We can't cut another billion because the sky will fall.' The last time I checked, the sky is still up over Michigan. Where's the smoking gun where all these budget cuts have just ravaged our state? Does she have one?"

Barks Hoffman: "Well, Tim -- you know -- you're not paying in-state college tuition because your daughter's going to school out-of-state. But all in-state college tuitions -- they went up over 10% there for a while."


Skubick: "I'll give you that -- but where are all the bodies in the street?"

[emphasis added]

Bodies in the street. Well, I can't point you to many of those, but I can point to some potholes, Skubick. And I'm sure there will be many-a-more if JG pulls out that additional $1bn. The sky will still be there, of course. Profound point.

Watch the inanity here.

I really wish he'd have a new thought.

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