It's Not a Bail-Out. It's Not a Bail-Out. Repeat After Me.

Mega-blog Crooks and Liars picked up the Michigan gives $300m to Ford story yesterday, as well.

And man can people (commenters, not the authors on C&L) be such cynics. "It's socialist!" "It's a bail-out!" "The Big 3 suck!" "Wahh wahh wahh!"

1. It is not a bail-out; the cynic in me calls it is a bribe. The optimist in me calls it an investment.
2. Like it or not, we need the Big 3.
3. Investment in Michigan -- like what Ford is doing in their plants -- is a good thing.
4. GM still > Ford. Ford needs to stop with the truck pimpage.

Horse before the cart, people. Horse before the cart. Can't go on wailing about $150m toward commuter rail if workers in SE Michigan have no job to where they commute.

Horse before the cart.

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