Sunday Blogosphere Round-Up!

Check out the rest of the MI-Blogosphere:

Cathleen has a fantastic write-up on the web presence of the Michigan Democratic Party. C'mon guys: get it together!

Cordelia Lear is on fire via Michigan Liberal.
Congressman Mike Walberg, Republican of Michigan is fighting for a nationalized "flat tax." Way to go, sparky. Mmmhmm....
She also debunks the MSM meme about Levin supporting troop increases in Iraq. Don't let the media fool you into thinking our senior senator is a Benedict Arnold. Cordelia offers the skinny with some thought-provoking insight.

Zach over at Pohlitics watches the baby steps of Michigan's new laws for umbilical cord blood stem cell banks.

The Republic of M wants you to know about "Safe Schools Lobby Day" at the Capitol on March 28th. Show your support for anti-bullying legislation!

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