Lansing City Pulse: Anti-Gay Petition Fizzling?

Lansing's City Council unanimously passed councilwoman Kathie Dunbar's Human Rights Ordinance. In 1996 Lansing had such an ordinance until it was removed via popular referendum.

The Lansing City Pulse investigates the differences between 1996 and 2007, and the contrasting political landscapes on the ordinance. Times sure are a-changin' in this debate, and that couldn't be better.

AFA's web site has not been updated with news since 11/14/06, and there is no mention of a petition to put the issue to voters. The necessary signatures need to be collected by the 17th if they want to push the issue on the ballot.

Councilwoman Dunbar says bring 'em on. So do I. If it does come to a vote, it's time for Lansingers to prove that our great city is ready for equal opportunity employment and housing for all its residents -- and that we're ready to become a part of the New, 21st Century Michigan.

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republic said...

I personally think the AFA is not as powerful as they claim. I grew up in the suburbs of Flint, and everyone was "blue collar liberal", except for when it came to social issues. But it wasn't because they were religious people, they were just socially conservative. I think this is what happen when Ferndale tried to pass its Human Right Ordinance a few years ago and it failed. (I lived there at the time) There was still a large population there that was socially conservative, but not all that religious.